Julie McIntyre

Topics Julie can teach on:

Wild Women, Wild Food
- healing disordered eating

The Medicine Wheel

The Sweat Lodge

The Sacred Pipe

Healing Lyme

Intimacy and Relationships

Julie is available for:

Herbal Consultations

Spiritual mentoring


Julie is available to teach on any of the above topics
or if you have a special needs program in mind, contact her at:

or call 575-536-3050

My weekend workshop with Julie was an extraordinary growth experience. By her example and clear direction, she showed the way to first free my heart of old pain and then extend my heart to everything around me; plants, humans, animals, the whole universe. She was a perfect guide but refused to allow any dependency.

~HM, Photographer, Iowa

When I think of our time with Julie, I am filled with gratitude for the beautiful way she helped us grow in sensitivity to all life. I feel linked to all of creation and the lines of communication are wide open.

~LM, Ayurvedic Technician, Iowa

Julie provided a roadmap for me to recognize my true identity – not as a lost soul but as a Co-Creator. She made me conscious of the buried unconscious belief systems which arrested my creativity, spontaneity and authentic nature.

~Paul Rohowetz, Iowa


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