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Contacting me

Due to the high volume of emails I have been receiving it has become apparent
that I don't have the time to respond in detail to the many queries I am receiving.
I do appreciate your contacting me about lyme, however, please know that the
chances are ever higher that I may not be able to respond to your queries. So,
please don't take it amiss if you do not hear back from me.


Corrections to the book


1. A Note on Resveratrol:

When I first wrote the book there were no sources for Japanese knotweed except for certain resveratrols that were in actuality formations of knotweed root standardized for their resveratrol content. I actually prefer the whole root itself rather than the resveratrol. If you want capsules I recommend those produced by Green Dragon Botanicals ( If you want to the whole root itself you can’t do better than Matthias and Andrea Reisen’s organic knotweed root:

There have been a number of people who have reported adverse effects from the Source Natural Resveratrol; they find that the resveratrol by Paradise Herbs does not produce nausea.

2. I am working on an intensively updated version of the book but it is going to take awhile. The first part of that will be two separate books on the coinfections of lyme, the first one will focus on bartonella and mycoplasma, the second on babesia, ehrlichia, and anaplasma. The lyme book itself will still contain material on coinfecitons when it is revised and updated but will focus on the lesser known coinfections such as coxiella and the rickettsia. The bartonella/mycoplasma book will be out in fall of 2012 if all goes well.

Andrographis adverse reaction

There has been a number of reports of people using this protocol who have experienced a severe rash from the use of andrographis. In general, about one percent of people using the protocol experience a rash, one out of every hundred. The rash most often looks like hives and can cover much of the body. It will clear upon discontinuing andrographis, but can take up to a month to completely do so (normally 10 days to two weeks). The scientific literature on andrographis does note that allergic reactions can occur, so caution should be exercised in its use. If you do experience allergic reactions while on the protocol, the most likely cause is the andrographis. Discontinue this herb and after reactions clear, you can reintroduce it at low doses, carefully.


A note on the protocol

A note on the protocol: The most important things to remember intreating lyme
infection are (in order of importance): 1) introducea strong and aggressive collagen
support protocol. This will helpprotect the body from the many symptoms that come
from collagen destruction by the lyme spirochetes. 2) initiate an immuneenhancement protocol. This will stimulate your immune system to aggressively combat the infection. 3) introduce herbs that will counteract the primary inflammatory pathways that the spirochetesinitiate. This will reduce many of the symptoms of the disease. 4) introduce antispirochetal medicines, whether herbal orpharmaceutical.


Do I see Clients?

I no longer see individual clients as of fall of 2005.


Online Healing Lyme Protocol Site

The Planet Thrive Website focusing on lyme disease and the protocol from Healing Lyme has changed. There is now a standalone site: It is incredibly well organized. Many thanks to Julie Genser for providing this service. A great many updates are available on the protocol from this site; a great many specific questions and their answers are there as well.


Vincamine update:

Vincamine was withdrawn from the market by the FDA due to concerns about long term use by the elderly and children although no adverse reports existed from low dose tablet use. It has been replaced by a semi-synthetic derivative of vincamine called vinpocetine which, supposedly, does not possess any side effects.
Vinpocetine possesses the same properties as vincamine though the necessary dose is lower. Vinpocetine enhances cerebral blood flow, acts as a neuroprotector in the CNS, is a vasodilator, and enhances memory and cognitive function, that is, acts as a nootropic. A number of studies have shown that vinpocetine does improve memory in a number of areas. Further data is available online from numerous sources
(see. e.g.

Dosage: There are a few anecdotal reports of minor adverse reactions to vinpocetine in a few people, generally hypersensitivity. A low initial dosage is recommended to make sure that you are not one of those. Initial dosage should be 2-5 mg 3x daily with meals for a week to make sure no reactions occur. Then dosage can be increased. Optimum dosage is 10 mg 3x daily with a high dosage range of 40mg a day.

Side Effects: No adverse reactions have been reported in any human trial. However it has been implicated in one case of agranulocytosis where granulocytes, a type of white blood cell, markedly decreases. A few anecdotal reports have noted that in a few people immune function decreased on the supplement. The German Commission E has warned that vinpocetine can reduce immune funtion and that it can cause apoptosis with long term use. None of these claims have been verified in clinical trial or study. Its safety for use in pregnancy has not been determined.

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