Stephen Harrod Buhner


Stephen Speaks Regularly on the Following Topics:

Depth Diagnosis

The environment and environmental issues

The sacredness of nature

The relation between cultural beliefs and sustainable habitation of Earth

The art of non-fiction

Writers and the Earth

Herbal medicine

Alternative healing

Indigenous cosmology

Cross-cultural religious and Contemplative traditions

Leading edge psychotherapies

Legislative and political issues affecting the environment and alternative medicine

The use of direct perception in the
understanding of medicinal plants and the healing of human disease

Sacred plant medicine

Stephen has been Profiled By or Written For:

New York Times


Good Morning America

The Lampeter Review

Common Ground

Sacred Fire Magazine

Shaman's Drum

Spirituality and Health Magazine

The Journal of the Society of
Spirituality and Social Work



Herbs for Health

Massage Magazine

Native Peoples Magazine


Wildfire Magazine

...and many, many more

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Comments by Stephen's Contemporaries

"One of America's preeminent herbalists. . . . Stephen Buhner articulates the sacred underpinnings of the herbal world and deep ecology as only a real "green man" can."

David Hoffmann,
Fellow of the National Institute of Medical Herbalistsand author of The Holistic Herbal.

"One of the most compelling and moving presenters in the United States."

Rosemary Gladstar,
the godmother of American herbalism and founder of the
International Herbal Symposium and author of Herbal Healing for Women.

"A bright new light on the horizon. Stephen Buhner does for non- fiction what John Gardner did for the art of fiction."

Toni Knapp, children's author, editor and writing instructor.

"Stephen Buhner's writings are a powerful call for people of all colors and nations to work together to restore recognition for and experience of the sacredness of Earth."

Brooke Medicine Eagle, Native American teacher
and author of Buffalo Woman Comes Singing.

"One of my favorite authors. A truly revolutionary writer."

Susan S. Weed,
author of Healing Wise.

"The Earth will love you for reading his work."

William Lyons,
author of Black Elk: The Sacred Ways of as Lakota.

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Conferences and Schools Where Stephen
Has Been Invited To Teach:

The United Nations

International Herbal Symposium (Boston)

Green Nations Gathering (Albany, NY)

Pacific Northwest Herbal Symposium (Portland, OR)

Brietenbush Herbal Conference (Oregon)

Herbfest (Iowa)

Bioneers Environmental Conference (San Francisco)

Taos Institute of Arts Summer Writing Program (New Mexico)

National Craftbrewers Conference (Phoenix)

New York Open Center (NYC)

Rocky Mountain Center for Herbal Studies (Boulder, CO)

Dreamtime Center for Herbal Studies (D.C.)

Sage Mountain School of Herbal Studies (Vermont)

Rowe Conference Center

St. Lawrence University

Goddard College

Scottish School of Herbal Medicine (Glasgow, Scotland)

National Institute of Medical Herbalists, Annual Conference
(Durham, England)

...and many more

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1968-1972 - Majored in the 60s, Berkeley, CA
1972-1975 - Wilderness survival training in Colorado Mountains, rebuilt
turn of the century cabin and learned the forgotten crafts.
1974 - Associate of Arts, Liberal Studies
1975 - Associate of Science (Mathematics)
1981 - Bachelor of Arts, Transcultural Epistemology, Loretto Heights
College (Thesis topic: Transcultural Epistemology of the Sacred Specialists (Shamans) of Non-industrial Cultures.)

Postgraduate training in:
Transactional Analysis
Regressive Treatment Techniques
Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Death and Dying

Hellerwork Movement Re-education
Clinical Herbalism
Indigenous and Folk Herbalism
Nonlinear dynamics of organ systems
Fractal physiology
The heart as an organ of perception
Molecular self-organization
The use of direct perception in diagnosis and healing

Earth-centered Spirituality and Ceremony
Cultural Expressions of Nature Spirituality
Cross-cultural Contemplative Spirituality
History of the Christian Church 1100-1880
Impacts of Monotheism on Western Civilization
Contemplative Christianity and the Desert Fathers
Origins of the Inquisition

History of Medicine
History of Licensure in Healing in the United States
Legal Dynamics and the History of American Medicine
Informed Consent: History and Current Applications
The Limits of Reductionism in Healing
Origins of Racism
Science, Christianity, and Culture

Plant Dynamics in Ecosystems
Gaian Pattern Dynamics in Microcosm and Macrocosm
Non-linear Epistemologies of Culture in the Apprehension of Nature
Human Physiology as a Microcosm of Gaian Ecosystems
Chemical Linguistics - Molecular Veriditas
The nonlinearity of Nature
The ecological function of the human species

The Art of Non-fiction
The Art of Fiction
The History of the Book
Patterns of Trance Technique in Fiction
Embedded Communication, Layering, Foreshadowing in Fiction and Non-Fiction
On the Necessity of Moral Non-fiction
Nature Writing and the Roots of American Environmentalism

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1975-1984 Restored mansions and built one-of-a-kind furniture as art forms
1985-1996 Full time psychotherapist in private practice
1984-1989 Rare books and manuscripts dealer
1990-2000 Clinical herbalist in private practice
1992-1994 Faculty, Rocky Mountain Center for Botanic Studies, Boulder, CO (RMCBS)
1994-1997 Adjunct faculty, RMCBS
1990-1995 President Colorado Association of Holistic HealingProfessionals
1990-1995 Editor of association journal "The Healer's Review"
1990-1995 Lobbyist on alternative medicine and informed consent to Colorado legislature
1998-2001 Adjunct Faculty Sage Mountain Herbal School (VT)
2001-2003 Adjunct faculty Dreamtime Center for Herbal Studies (D.C.)
1996-date Full time writer, lecturer, teacher
1990-date Senior researcher Foundation for Gaian Studies


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High IQ Societies





Author's Guild


Academy of American Poets

Western Writers of America

International Authors and Writers Who's Who

Who's Who in America

Who's Who in the World


Sacred Plant Medicine
Finalist Small Press Book Award, 1996
Finalist Colorado Press Book Award, 1996
New York Review of Books Best 40,000 Books in Print

Sacred and Herbal Healing Beers
Winner Foreword Magazine Book of the Year (New Age category), 1998
Winner Western U.S. Book Design and Production Award, 1998
Silver Medal, Benjamin Franklin Book Award, 1998
Silver Medal, Quill and Tankard Award, 1998
New Age Journal, One of the Top 170 Books and CDs of 1998

Lost Language of Plants
Winner, Nautilus Award, Best Ecology/Environmental Book, 2002
Silver medal, ForeWord Magazine, Best Environmental Book, 2002
BBC Environmental Book of the Month

The Fasting Path
Winner Spirituality and Health Award, 2003
Nautilus Award finalist, Best Health Book, 2003

Ensouling Language
2011 Nautilus Award Winner



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