Sweat Lodge, Earth-Centered Indigenous Stories & Ceremony

April 27 - 29, 2018

Hosted by Ripple and Frank Harkinson
1389 Swaringen RD, Traphill, NC 28685
336-469-0833 •


Trishuwa sweat lodgeDear Brothers and Sisters,

I am excited to see so many of you. We have become a spiritual family. As in years past, we will greet new brothers and sisters who join our circle of celebration and healing.

  • Communing with Spirits ~
  • Sharing Stories of our Ancestors ~
  • Personal Reflections ~
  • Future Visions and Goals ~
  • Nourishing Our Gifts ~
  • Rekindling Courage and Passion.~
  • Slowing Down taking Walks in the Woods ~ 
  • Taking in the Love of an Ensouled Home in Harmony with Spirits of Place ~ 

I am excited and grateful for this time.

On hands and knees we kiss our Mother Earth and crawl into Sweat Lodge. 
Darkness wraps around us. Hot stones are blessed with herbs. We are bathed in their scents in the rising steam. 

Perhaps in the dark we will see the whole universe.

Please come.
I joyfully anticipate seeing all the familiar faces as well as new ones.

Much love,
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sweat lodge, NCRegistration:

COST: $275

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For more information:
Trishuwa, 8 Pioneer Road, Silver City, NM 88061
575-538-5498 •


Accommodations: camping. Although, if you wish to stay in a nearby motel, a list will be provided upon registration, along with our suggested camping list. Two ceremonial meals will be provided as well as snacks, tea and juice. You will need to bring food for two breakfasts and one lighter evening meal.


Sweat lodge in North Carolina




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