Your Story told through the Eyes of Tarot

The Storyteller, Trishuwa, is your spiritual guide that interprets the mythology, the teachings, and the gifts of the Tarot and how they reflect your story.

She offers two types of Tarot readings:


This is a Medicine Wheel Card Spread designed by Trishuwa that focuses on the powers of the directions and how you can consciously integrate them into you life. If you want guidance for a devotional path that opens your awareness to your destiny choose The Medicine Wheel reading.

This spread provides a look into your Soul’s Journey, the Spiritual influences of your life – the vision, the heart, the spirit and the form. It also brings to light the ego states, your inner council, that are part of your interior world. With this self knowledge you can empower yourself to be aware of your unique abilities and how to be your own guide by befriending yourself.


This Is a sixteen card spread that examines karmic, psychological and present influences. With this information two choices are suggested. Sometimes one leads to the other. Perhaps one is to be avoided and one is more supportive. The cards that appear along with the interpretation can point the way to a more empowered situation. This information can help you choose your path more consciously and make choices that implement and maximize the outcome that best serves your life.

With each consultation you receive: several pages of photo quality pictures of the cards and a tape recorded interpretation. The pictures allow you to use your intuition as well and let the cards come alive as your guides.

See below to order your consultation.

TAROT: A MYSTICAL MAP, A PRACTICAL TOOL that can lead you into an awareness of the underlying subconscious motivations that are part of your emotional and spiritual life force. These subconscious aspects brought into consciousness can open the door to clarity and balanced decision making. This can facilitate a deep understanding of who you are and what you need to do to navigate life with realized hope, expressing and receiving love and spiritual strength born of commitment to who you are and what you believe at a core level. The use of the cards can awaken the archetypes that live within each of us. Tarot is a very practical tool evoking in image the potential of your future. It is not a fortune telling device, rather a guide that allows choice from a more informed position. The cards can reflect potential outcomes that can help the inquirer to choose or change what comes to pass. In this sense the medium is timeless, reflecting past, present and future. Tarot cards and their mythic imagery have been evocative teachers for centuries. Within each of us are primal instincts born of survival, visions of Spirit worlds, wisdom of ancient sages, and the dreams and heartbreaks of the human journey. This deep body of knowledge and essential character of our species is waiting to be discovered and to become part of our daily lives, enabling us to walk a path of conscious choice and balance moving us from duality to non-duality. The Tarot, one of the gifts brought to us from unknown ancient teachers, has been a guide in some form since the 15th century.


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Comments from Clients

I have had many readings from Trishuwa over the past 20 years. She brings her depth of knowledge, her innate intuitiveness, her sincere caring and her gift of communication to each reading/session in ways that are magical. And you don’t have to have a personal knowledge of the trot at all.

From her readings, I have found the support and validation for myself on my path that helped me feel more balance and peace and understanding, whether they were at times of difficulty or crisis or at times that I just wanted clarity about life in general.

She is amazingly talented and I highly recommend her work. I’ve never found anyone like her anywhere else.

- M. R., New Mexico

Trishuwa is unique in the depth of her wisdom, which she gives with such an open compassionate heart. I’ve never known anyone so devoted to the circle of life and so skilled in seeing the truth.

Trishuwa’s readings not only help me understand the opportunities and challenges in my life but also show me my unique gifts and the special beauty of my life’s journey. I feel very blessed to have had her guidance for so many years.

~A.M., Colorado

Trishuwa is such a wonderful tarot reader. She has a firm grasp of the heart of tarot and I was able to talk directly to me and figure out exactly what the cards were saying as opposed to some random ideological stone written laws recited by Jamaican babbling women with “1-900” numbers. I find her to be one of the find her to be one of the great spiritual teachers currently working and this dedication comes through her card readings. She has been a wonderful guide on my spiritual path.

- L.E., Colorado



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