Wild Women, Wild Land

Daughters, Sisters, Mothers & Grandmothers
Restoring the Wild Woman Archetype
ReForesting the Soul ~ Becoming Authentic

Women ages 18 and older

September 6th - 11th, 2017 

Five nights/ six days/ three teachers
New Mexico Gila Wilderness and National Forest

Gathering in the heart of one of the last wild lands in North America, join other women as we empower ourselves to write new chapters for new lives. Sooner or later something calls to us, pulls us out of our personal enclaves, demands we look into the depths of who we are and asks: have you become who you were born to be? 

Marvelous and uniquely crafted the body of woman is a
sacred vessel, home to the divine spirit in creation.



When inward tenderness
Finds the secret hurt
Pain itself will crack the rock And ah! Let the soul emerge.



The Six Days will Cover

• Bodies never lie
• Intuitive development
• Sensory acuity
• Invisibles
• Plants and invisibles as teachers and allies
• Sacred food
• Hidden sources of power, passion and creativity
• The Fruitful Darkness

The Wild Woman archetype lives inside each of us. Enrolling in this program, you are honoring the call that she has sent up from deep inside. You give her permission to be alive and out loud in the world.

This work is deeply intimate and necessitates a willingness to look deep inside, to ask questions, to examine belief about what it means personally to be a woman, a human being in these chaotic and changing times.

Well behaved women seldom make history.

Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

Do you follow the roaring of the river or run from it? Do you lean into strong transformative winds or turn your back on them? Does your life have meaning? Are you willing to be astonished by yourself?  Can you spend the rest of your life living with you? Is your personal myth wild or domesticated?  Is archaic shame still influencing your decisions, actions and behaviors? Are you in love with being a woman? Do you ache for yet fear intimacy? Do you deny intuition, shadows, passion, creativity, perceptions? 

Explore ancient ways of listening to nature and your own body through deep Earth Wisdom, ceremony, inner wisdom and outer guidance.

Do I dare
Disturb the universe?

~T.S. Eliot

Cost includes camping indoors or out, meals and teaching. 
The teaching site is located on private land in the midst of the the Gila (hee la) National Forest and Wilderness. The area is populated with majestic Ponderosa Pines, Oaks, Junipers and breathtaking stone outcropping.

The Teachers:

Julie McIntyre is an earth centered mystic ,ceremonialist, phytoirrationalist and outlaw working intimately with the livingness of wild ecosystems. Her work over the past decades has focused on healing the wounded soul, personal myth, becoming astonished and undomesticating libido.  As a spiritual mentor and workshop leader she is compassionate and incisively perceptive. She works with those who hunger for meaning in their lives and as a clinical herbalist working with people who are chronically ill.  She is an educator, writer and is the author of Sex and the Intelligence of the Heart; Nature, Intimacy and Sexual Energy.


Working with people at life edges and crossroads, Mary Lucas is a mentor and artisan of creative soul healing. She works with myth, archetypes and the transformative personal narrative, supporting people to discover their genius and their indigenous self in harmony with nature.  Her body-centered teaching is clear, insightful and warmed by intuitive wisdom informed by the unfolding of her own spiritual journey and training in psychotherapy.  She is a photographer, journalist and equine therapist who resides in England and teaches internationally.


Residing in Houston and her native state of Texas, Carlisle Vandervoort works with the sacredness and ancient art of bee medicine in her urban business, Bee Mission. She is an artist who focuses on large scale earthworks incorporating her innate love of elemental nature, wilderness landscapes, childhood loves of hunting and fishing as well as her decades long devotion to her meditation practice. She is a producer for the forthcoming (2018) documentary film on the late, great Texan and political columnist, Molly Ivins, entitled, Raise Hell.




If you are arriving from another state or country, you can fly into Silver City, New Mexico via Phoenix, AZ  or Albuquerque, NM  on Boutique Airlines. El Paso, Texas has shuttle service or you can rent a car. From El Paso Silver City is 3 hours; Tucson 3.5  and Albuquerque 4 hours. Add one hour drive time from Silver City to the workshop site.
Plan on arriving on site by 3 pm on September 6th. Plan your departure after 6 pm of September 11th or morning of the 12th. You might want to spend time in the land of enchantment taking in the holy healing waters of hot springs before or after the week, two are within 30-90 minutes of Silver City.

After receiving your deposit you will receive a confirmation letter and enrollment packet including a list of camping equipment and any other information required for you to participate fully in this  program.




COST:  $725
A $200 NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT IS REQUIRED (Balance due by July 15, 2017)

Register Online:

Choose Your Payment Option:

Or mail check made out to Julie McIntyre
to: Julie McIntyre
3 Marryat Dr
Mimbres, NM 88049

More info:

(575) 536-3050

Julie McIntyre


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