Julie McIntyre


An intimate experiential depth immersion
of unusual dimensions

Gila Wilderness, Southwest New Mexico
Thursday, August 3rd - Monday, August 7th, 2017

for Men and Women, Healers, Artists, Herbalists, Philosophers, Ecologists, those with an unnamed hunger and those who have felt out of place

Gila RiverOnce, a long time ago, ancient and indigenous cultures knew they lived among non-human and invisible beings. They knew they shared the Earth together, living side by side.  Everything was sacred, alive, intelligent, and aware. There was no divide between human bodies, human consciousness, and the body and consciousness of Earth.  Plants, trees, stones and the elements were part of daily relationships for food, medicine and wisdom. They were revered as having soul and intelligence. It was understood that non-human beings had the capacity to feel and communicate. Living with the awareness of wild intelligence was part of the moral fabric of indigenous cultures.  

What will it take to become keenly aware
That what you are looking at is not a tree
Nor a forest
But a gathering of ancestors

We each have our unique True North, the place  we are going to. However there are times when our compass becomes a bit rusty and confused,  the needle frenetically pointing hither and tither. Often from too many outside influences. Now and then, here and there we must step away from the world of humans and find other members of our tribe who remind us how to set our compass true.

Every moment a voice
Out of this world
Calls on our soul
To wake up and rise…
                …answer the call


Many of us have been on an auto pilot of sorts, in survival, fumbling along in the dark hoping all will turn out well enough. Possibly, we have felt something missing and that our lives have only been half-lived. We often wander through life, cutting and pasting remnants together hoping to gather enough pieces that resembles a whole life. Still feeling as if something of great import is missing. Many of us feel there is something wrong with us.

Sometimes when we least expect it, in our daily lives and perhaps, more commonly in times of chaos and uncertainty, we are called to bring forth that which awaits us inside – our unique genius. This weekend is focused on reclaiming the ability to be fully alive, to be filled with meaning and purpose, and deeply connect to the invisibles with which we are surrounded.

we are lived by powers
we pretend to understand

-W. H. Auden

The plants, stones, wild water and the Spirit of Place of the Gila National Forest and Wilderness will companion us, guide us, in parting the veil between the mundane and the imaginal realms. True North is not a destination but rather a way to journey. It is a mythic adventure, an experience of becoming a human being. Dynamic awareness, depth perception, sensory acuity, natural philosophy and the skill to read the energy of a “thing” are our inborn faculties that become atrophied in the mundane life. Here they will be taken out, stretched, worked with and breathed to life. To assist in deepening our experience on the path ahead and the one that lies often unseen under our feet we will also work deeply with Kinesthetics, myth, alchemy, ceremony and ritual.

The revelation of True North is an adventure of soul and spirit. It is a  quest that takes us through dark forests, over rivers, up mountains and across moats. It is a messy business, disorienting at the start and requires a different kind of thinking, feeling  and sensuality. Finding our personal True North is a remembering of ourselves to ourselves. There is a mighty cost to the journey ahead, should you choose to no longer ignore the call; your innate smell will become undomesticated, feral, a fierce green fire will glow in the place of your eyes.  Those who look upon you  thereafter will know you have eaten something wild and gamey they have not. You become unrefined, uncivilized. Risky business that.  There comes a time when not taking the risk comes with a much greater price.

Julie McIntyreWorking with Deep Ecology of Gaia and our own deep ecology; new patterns of living an inhabited, authentic life are created. We will work directly with the intelligence of plants and wild ecosystems, and with ceremony, to heal the bonds that have been severed as well as create new ones.

Location is on private land in the Gila National Forest and Wilderness of Southwest New Mexico.
Lodging will be camping; indoors on a first come basis or on the land. 
Meals are provided from dinner August 3rd to dinner August 7th. 

Enrollment is limited.

If you are arriving from another state or country, you can fly into Albuquerque, NM then take Boutique Air shuttle into Silver City (Grant county regional airport). This is the only air shuttle available and only from Albuquerque.
Average driving distances from airports to Silver City. NOTE: Add one and one half to two hours driving time from these airports to get to the program site.
Tucson, AZ – three and a half hours
El Paso, TX- three hours and there is  a ground shuttle service or you can rent a car.
Albuquerque, NM – four hours
Santa Fe, NM – five hours
Phoenix, AZ – 5 hours

Enrollment packet and a list of motels, transportation, airports and campgrounds will be sent upon receipt of the non-refundable deposit.


Julie is a gifted, wise teacher who opens doors to another way being, living life with far greater depth and feeling. My compass was indeed rusty, lost in the chatter of everyday life. Julie helped realign my senses to deeply connect with myself and the escatic world which lives and breathes around us. 

The Gila wilderness is a sanctuary for this very deep work and I fell in love again every single day, with myself, the wilderness and the invisibles. This experience has touched me in a profound way and continues to have a ripple effect on my life which I am ever so grateful for. I'd do it all again in a heartbeat."

~ Julia, London


"Julie is one of the great intuitive Plant Medicine teachers of our time, and I would do another workshop with her in a second. It's rare to find lessons delivered in the wild, wrapped in both a warm sense of humor and with a fierceness of truth. Julie wants you to get better, to be better, to see clearer and to be heard. Her love is ever present and unbending, and her integration of the plants in the Gila makes this experience that much more powerful. But Julie's greatest gift to me was not her own words, it was helping me see what "was" and always "is" right there in front of me all the time, the universe faintly whispering her healing prose and guidance right to my heart. Julie just gently guided me closer, and I'm infinitely grateful."

~ Josh S., New York, NY


"Julie's work is a balm for the heart and the psyche, taking you as deep as you want to go into it. Vitalistic in approach, and truly unique, the work has helped me to learn how to uncover some of the deepest meanings behind questions such as 'what do I truly want for myself?'"

~ Kevin Folz, Madison, Wisconsin


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Space is limited for this class. The cost is $600.00.  A $200 deposit is Non-refundable and Non-transferrable.

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More Information:
Julie McIntyre
HC 68 Box 139
Silver City, NM 88061

(575) 536-3050


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